As a Co-op Member, you have a say in the things we do, what we stand for and how we’re run, so we want to hear about what’s important to you and your community.

We’d like you to tell us what you think we should campaign on, the issues you’re facing in your community and give us your ideas about what Co-op can do to help. We’ll use your views to inform our plans for the next 12 months and to make sure we get it right.  

Thank you for joining in and answering these questions, we really appreciate your feedback.

This should only take about five minutes to complete.
Let's get started
Before we begin, could you please let us know your postcode?

So we know which community you live in
We are keen to hear your thoughts on your local community and what you want your Members' Council representatives to focus on over the next 12 months. 

We will use this information to help inform the development of our Co-op Way and Community Strategy.

Let's start with Community.

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What would you do to improve your community?

What is the biggest issue your community is facing?

What could Co-op do to make your community a better place to work, live and grow up in?

In the past we’ve campaigned for fundamental change on Fairtrade, the use of pesticides in food production and on tackling damage to our environment

Watch this video to find out more
What do you think the Co-op as a business should make a stand on in 2017 / 2018?

At Co-op, we have a Members’ Council made up of 100 members from communities all over the UK who represent the voices and interests of members in their area. 

The Members’ Council also help us uphold the Co-op values and principles.

What do you think they should focus on achieving in the next year?

Thanks for answering our questions, we really appreciate your feedback

As well as getting feedback from our members through this survey, we're hosting 20 Shape Your Community events across the UK. Come along to your nearest event to tell us more
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